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Farm to Families at the Second Harvest Food Bank

Benjamin Perlin

Nashville based photographer Benjamin “Ben” Perlin is an engaged member of the central Tennessee community. In addition to volunteer work at the Tennessee State Veterans Home and Habitat for Humanity, Benjamin Perlin is also engaged in the support of the Second Harvest Food Bank.

The Second Harvest Food Bank is a charitable organization founded in 1978 to address hunger in 46 Tennessee counties. The organization maintains a partnership network of more than 490 community agencies to feed and deliver food to hungry individuals in its service area. The food bank also operates other hunger based programs such as the Farm to Families Initiative.

The Farm to Families program is designed to address communities in need of nutritional food while also supporting local farmers. The program, which includes volunteers at eight farms in Central and Western Tennessee, sources and grows food from local farms and provides them to needy individuals. Annually, the effort sources over 1.5 million pounds of food from local farms to address hunger issues.

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