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Four Off the Beaten Path Destinations in Kyoto

Benjamin Perlin

An aspiring photographer and avid community volunteer, Benjamin "Ben" Perlin currently gives his time to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. When not working with those in need, Benjamin Perlin greatly enjoys both domestic and international travel, including a recent trip to Kyoto, Japan. The following are four hidden gems that this ancient city has to offer to visitors:

1. Yokai Street. Located in an otherwise normal neighborhood, this street showcases dozens of monster statues outside local businesses. Folklore pays homage to these mischievous creatures, and visitors who visit can enjoy learning about the monsters from local children's stories and fables.

2. Sanjusangendo. This impressive wooden building was built in 1266, and is home to 1,001 painstakingly carved statues of the Buddhist goddess of mercy, Kannon. Each statue has a unique face, and locals say that each person who visits can find their own face with dedication.

3. Amanohashidate. Located an hour out of the city, Amanohashidate is known as one of the three best scenic views of Japan. A long sandbar dotted with pine trees, over one million visitors come each year to take photos and marvel in its natural beauty.

4. Wazuka Tea Plants. Kyoto is known for green tea, and these tea plantations are the perfect place to come for delicious treats right from the source. Fifty percent of green tea in the prefecture is made here, and visitors can enjoy guided tours and tea ceremony lessons.

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