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Marketplace Events Partners with Habitat for Humanity

Benjamin Perlin

Active in his local community, Benjamin “Ben” Perlin works with a number of organizations to provide valuable services and support to those in need. In his current role, Benjamin Perlin works at the Nashville ReStore, an arm of Habitat for Humanity that sells donated household furniture and appliances to support Habitat's operations.

In early 2017, Habitat for Humanity and Marketplace Events entered into a new partnership that will see Marketplace come on board in Habitat’s efforts to bring affordable housing to those in need. The company will support Habitat in a number of ways, including corporate giving, materials, soliciting contributions from event goers, and public relations initiatives.

In her comments, Habitat’s senior vice president of development, Colleen Finn Ridenhour, spoke about the vital part these types of partnerships play in Habitat’s work. Marketplace CEO Tom Baugh added his thoughts, expressing excitement about the new possibilities that the joint effort represents to both organizations.

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