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MTRAS Develops Skills in Robotics Through Meetings and Workshops

Benjamin Perlin

Benjamin Perlin expresses his artistry through photography. Working with both film and digital cameras, Ben Perlin applies his skills and knowledge in photography to capture engaging images. In addition to photography, Benjamin Perlin is interested in robotics, and serves as a member of the Middle Tennessee Robotic Arts Society (MTRAS).

The Middle Tennessee Robotic Arts Society represents a group of robotics enthusiasts of all ages and levels of proficiency. To become a member of the society, interested individuals need only to show interest and commitment by attending monthly meetings and events, or by interacting with the group through social media.

During MTRAS’ monthly meetings, members are given an opportunity to present their works in progress through a show-and-tell presentation, during which they can showcase the application of their knowledge of robotics. Other members are encouraged to ask questions to learn more about the technology used by the presenter. MTRAS also offers formal workshop training, group projects, and free-form project activities to its members to help them develop their skills in robotics and related electronics.


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