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The Pros and Cons of Film Photography

Benjamin Perlin

Talented photographer Benjamin (“Ben”) Perlin enjoys using a variety of cameras to capture unique images. While he does have a digital camera, he prefers using film and developing pictures in a darkroom due to the fact it requires a scientist’s ability to measure and experiment. Benjamin Perlin also prefers film photography because he feels it produces better results than digital.

Film photography has numerous benefits over digital. Not only is the initial cost of buying a film camera cheaper than buying a digital one, the medium is known for having a higher dynamic range and resolution. This allows film to capture detail much better than digital cameras, particularly when shooting in black and white, and makes the medium better suited for blending light and color.

Beyond that, film photography forces photographers to think about the pictures they are taking ahead of time. With digital cameras, photographers can take as many pictures as they want and simply choose what they like best. However, film limits how many pictures photographers can take, so they have to think first. This can be a disadvantage for some, but film enthusiasts enjoy this because it challenges them to be better and makes the developing process more exciting.
While there are certainly plenty of benefits to shooting with film, there are some disadvantages. Film photographs take up a lot more space around the home, and it can be more expensive to purchase rolls of film and darkroom materials. Photographers are also unable to view film photographs before they are developed, meaning they may end up wasting an entire roll of film on pictures that are unsatisfactory.

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