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Second Harvest Food Bank Feeds Hungry Students

Benjamin Perlin

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Nashville photographer Benjamin (Ben) Perlin enjoys the challenge of capturing moments on film rather than digital media, as well as mastering the chemistry of darkroom printing. Apart from his photographic work, Benjamin Perlin volunteers in his community with organizations such as Tennessee State Veterans’ Homes and Second Harvest Food Bank.

Committed to solving hunger issues in Tennessee, Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee supports research to help local organizations increase their efficacy in meeting community needs. Additionally, the organization operates food programs such as the At-Risk Afterschool Meal Program, available to at-risk youth in Nashville and surrounding counties. Childhood hungers presents a significant obstacle to learning, and an average of 50 percent of teachers have bought food for their students at some point. The 10-month program spans the school year and offers healthy meals and snacks for students who participate in after-school activities. Because the offer of food often increases participation in extracurricular activities, the federally funded program helps increase the financial stability of after-school programs.